Give your patients a reason to stay loyal

Lealtà Healthcare’s patient retention platform makes it easy to turn your patients into loyal customers

  • Health Navigation to proactively identify members' chronic care needs
  • Preferred Membership Scheduling to fit appointments to members' timetables
  • A Fast Pass to the back on appointment day to reduce waiting times

Ideal for patients with chronic diseases

Lealta Healthcare’s patient retention platform makes it easy to turn your patients into loyal customers. Our proven patient membership platform offers a suite of services that aligns members to your organization and their needs

The percentage of people who believe wait time is either somewhat or very important to the overall experience at a doctor’s office
The percentage of patients have left a doctor’s appointment because of wait time
1 in 5
The number of people who report they’ve changed doctors because of long wait times

How Lealtà works

Our platform uses Health Navigation to predicts those members who need care, Member-Centric Preferred Scheduling to ensure timely access for members, and a FastPass which guarantees a superior member experience to keep members healthy and out of trouble.

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The team behind the technology

Stephen Thomas CEO & Founder of Lealta

Dr. Stephen Thomas, MD, MBA

CEO & Founder

Dr. Thomas is a family medicine physician with 20 years’ experience in healthcare. As a physician executive, Stephen uses technology to solve problems and improve patients' lives.

Questions & Answers

  • Absolutely not! Lealtà is designed with simplicity in mind, and as a result, there is no requirement for integration or technical knowledge to use our fully intuitive platform.

  • While message transmission is instantenous, we take extra care to make sure that every request has guaranteed delivery. If a message fails to show confirmation of receipt within 60 minutes of a request, we notify healthcare system administrators instantly via our admin portal.

  • Yes, ofcourse! Please reach out to us to find out more - we would be delighted to discuss the best way to set up a core base of test users to fit your requirements.

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